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Here are lots more photos of the castle! PRESS ME!

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For all of those wondering - and I know you could think of nothing else - the date has been set! On a clear frosty day in northern Scotland you will bear witness to our much anticipated nuptials!

The date is….. (a series of dots is what passes in blogs for a drum roll these days, but I digress)….. the 15th of February 2010 (babababaah)

The Castle is booked and all plans are being set in motion there is little room for turning back so you all might as well get out your biro’s and be brave and write it your diaries of the future. The 15th is a Monday which means naturally that the day before is not only Sunday but Valentines day so our wedding weekend will be a non-stop romance fest! For all of you blokes who had plans for valentines day 2010 (of course you did) they will have to be changed to include our little castle (boohoo). Nic also wants me to inform all of the single ladies that might be interested that you will be greeted by a room full of David-esque naked statues.

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