Very Important Info - if you only read one page on this site, make it this one!


The castle is a youth hostel. We will all be fed on the wedding day (apart from breakfast). We have also arranged for the castle caterer to do a welcome meal on the sunday night, but for the rest of the time it is self catering and you need to be prepared for this. The meals you need to organise yourselves are breakfast for the 3 mornings, and dinner and tea on the third day.

For those of you familiar with youth hostelling you’ll know what to expect, but for those of you who don’t you might find the Youth Hostelling Guide For Non-Youth Hostellers page useful.

Local Eateries

The castle is situated in a tiny village called Culrain which is about the size of well… the castle. It does have a pub but it closes in the winter. A slightly bigger village called Bonar Bridge is about a 5 minute drive away and has two or three pubs. One of them does do nice food but while being very friendly it is also very local at that time of year. The nearest sizeable town is Dingwall (a little more than an hour’s drive) which has lots of restaurants and pubs but don’t forget, you’re living in a castle for 3 days! You might prefer to stay in and enjoy it with a bottle of wine and a plate of oven chips.

Food and Beer Shops

There is a small local Spar in Bonar Bridge that sells food and beer - it’s very friendly and handy too, but we would suggest you don’t rely on it for your whole 3 days shopping. If you are driving up we would suggest stocking up in Morrisons by Dalmore distillery in Alness (just off the A9) or Tesco in Conon Bridge (IV15 9PP).  If you are coming up on public transport then fear not, I’m sure somebody will be able to take you shopping. Don’t panic.

More specifically, beer. And snacks.

Unless you know you will be drinking Black Isle beer from our honesty bar do make sure you have all you need for the evening do. It will be difficult to pop out to the shop if you find your glass empty.