Questions and Answers

If you have any questions please ask and we will put the answers on this page so that everybody can see.

What about drinks?

The castle isn’t licensed so there won’t be a bar. Fear not though, this gives you the opportunity to either bring your own drinks (so you can sniff out the supermarket dealios rather than pay £3 a pint) or sample the delights of our local brewery of choice The Black Isle Brewery. We’re going to be doing an honesty bar with a few casks of ale and some wine which should work out at not much over a pound a pint or a few pounds for a bottle of wine. The wedding meal will also come with wine of course.

Won’t we get snowed in and be cold?snowy carbisdale

It’ll probably be really very cold in February in the North of Scotland but divn’t worry! There will be a rip roaring fire in the castle and actually once you’re here you won’t have to go outside at all if you don’t want to. The castle is actually quite warm, particularly in the communal areas, so while we do advise you to bring warm clothes you should be nice and toasty. In terms of transport worries, the roads up there are very well gritted all winter - we were up in early March this year and it snowed but it didn’t affect the roads for driving.