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2 weeks to go!

Here is a list of food you will need to take with you (the closest shop is about 3 miles away) -

Breakfast x3, Lunch and Evening Meal x1 of each (if you are staying on Tuesday), snacks (if you’re a nibbler).

Drinks - There is no bar at the castle. Alcohol on the day is taken care of in the form of ale, wine and some soft drinks. The ale and wine will be available from the honesty bar in the evening. The ale is coming from the Black Isle Brewery - one is very light but if you’re a lager drinker and unsure about it you will need to bring your own drinks. Also if you will be wanting anything more exotic (cocktails, spirits etc) you will need to source these yourself.

Please check this page which tells you where the nearest supermarkets are and among other things.

That’s all! Don’t want anybody coming unstuck!

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Well I suppose you might be wondering just a little bit what this Worst Winter in 30 Years business all means for our impending trip to the Highlands, so I thought I’d hit you with some reassurance -

We’ve been in touch with the castle and been told no need to panic! No weddings have had to be canceled yet and they’re not worried. The Scots don’t mess around like the English, there’ll be snow plows galore and a nice roaring fire in the castle.

Plus there’s still 6 weeks to go - me? worrying? Of course not!

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It would seem we have made a mistake on our save the dates (for those of you who got posted one - for the rest of you we’ll send a nicely altered one without a mistake). The date on the save the date is in fact wrong. Celebrations will start on Sunday 14th but finish on wednesday¬†17th (not the 16th). The wedding itself will be on Monday. Sorry folks!

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